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Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section



ABCs=Active Bacterial Core Surveillance
ACDP=Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention
EIP=Emerging Infections Program
HAI=Health Care Acquired Infections
HPV=Human Papilloma Virus
PSET=Preparedness Surveillance and Epidemiology Team

N=Night Call
O=On Call
U=UERT (i.e. outbreaks)


Zintars Beldavs, MS
ACDP Section Manager-Interim; HAI Coordinator (M)

Paul R. Cieslak, MD
Medical Director (M,N)

Emilio DeBess, DVM, MPVM
State Public Health Veterinarian (M,N,O,U)

Stephen Ladd-Wilson, MS
Surveillance Manager (M,O,U)

Melissa Powell, MPH
PSET Manager (M,O)

Ann Thomas, MD, MPH
Public Health Physician (M,N)

Epidemiology and Surveillance

Nasreen Abdullah, MD, MPH
HPV Research Analyst (O)

June Bancroft, MPH
Epidemiologist (O,U)

Hillary Booth
FoodNet Research Analyst

Cedric Cicognani
Orpheus Registrar

Courtney Crawford, MPH
RSV Surveillance Coordinator

Alyssa Farr, MPH
FoodNet Research Analyst

Julie Hatch, MT(ASCP)
FoodNet Surveillance Coordinator

Jonas Hines, MD
EIS Officer (N,O,U)

Tasha Poissant, MPH
ABCs Epidemiologist (O,U)

Magdalena Kendall Scott, MPH
Flu Epidemiologist (O,U)

Beletshachew Shiferaw, MD, MPH
Clinical Epidemiologist (O,U)

Lisa Takeuchi, MPH

Alexia Zhang, MPH
HAI Epidemiologist (O,U)

Healthcare Associated Infections

Zintars Beldavs, MS
ACDP Section Manager-Interm, HAI Coordinator (M)

Maureen Cassidy, MT, MPH
MDRO Epidemiologist (O,U)

Valerie Ocampo, RN, MIPH
HAI Public Health Nurse

Diane Roy
HAI Research Analyst

Monika Samper, RN
HAI Reporting Coordinator

Information Technology

Michelle Barber, MS
Interoperability Director

Rob Laing, MPH
ESSENCE Interoperabilitiy Analyst

Tom Fitch
Application Developer

Preparedness Surveillance & Epidemiology Team (PSET)

Shannon Allain
PSET Admin Specialist

Jamie Bash, MPH
Risk Communications Analyst

Laurel Boyd, MPH
PSET Epidemiologist (O,U)

Meredith Jagger, MS, MPH
All Hazards Epidemiologist (O, U)

Richard Leman, MD
Medical Epidemiologist and Chief Medical Officer, Health Security, Preparedness and Response (N,O,U)

Melissa Powell, MPH
PSET Manager (M,O)

Program Coordination

Jude Leahy, MPH
Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator

Alyssa McClean, MPH
AWARE Coordinator

Program Support

Kiley Ariail, MPH
ABCs Research Analyst

Leslie Byster, MS Ed
Electronic Publications and Web Design Specialist

Derrick Clark
Fiscal Analyst

Heather Jamieson
ABCs Research Analyst 

Lindsey Zapata
Executive Support Specialist



The Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE) is a statewide coalition that promotes the appropriate use of antibiotics to reduce the likelihood that bacteria will become resistant to them.

Emerging Infections Program

Oregon participates in this effort, led by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with 9 other states to explore communicable diseases of current public health concern and newly emerging infections. These data help estimate the extent of the problems and provide a starting point for studying risk factors and developing better strategies for prevention and control.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Program

The HAI program works with healthcare providers and other stakeholders in Oregon to prevent infections associated with healthcare settings through surveillance, infection control, and outbreak response.

NW Center for Foodborne Outbreak Management, Epidemiology, and Surveillance (FOMES)

FOMES is a program that fosters the public health practice of foodborne and diarrheal disease surveillance and outbreak investigation. FOMES is a collaboration between the Oregon Public Health Division, Oregon Health Sciences University and the University of Minnesota.

About Us

We work with local health departments, other states and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent and control communicable diseases and outbreaks of acute diseases in Oregon.

Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention is part of the Center for Public Health Practice.

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We assist local health departments with disease investigation and control and investigate outbreaks with local health departments, neighboring states or the CDC.

We conduct surveillance on diseases of new and increasing concern and collect, analyze and publish reportable disease surveillance data to guide public health policy.

We also provide guidelines about preparedness and response to a bioterrorism event or natural pandemic, educate patients and clinicians about the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, develop electronic disease reporting networks and approve alternative methods of infectious waste treatment.

What We Do

Contact Us


For URGENT messages, contact ACDP by phone, NOT by email.

To report a public health concern that requires an immediate response: contact your local health department.


Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 772
Portland, OR 97232

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM